One and One Makes two

Ever since God commended Noah: ‘And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee, ’ to be coupled is proper and the disconnected female is depreciated. God’s edict was not simply for procreation. He knew just how the unconnected female would stand out like a country dunny and unlike Cinderalla she could not go alone to the ball.

So what happens when you’re been given the flick, dumped, told - ’it’s over.’ Disbelief, tears, anger, followed by tears, etc etc. From the sympathetic, “There’s plenty more fish in the sea.” Buggar that! You don’t want a fish - just him. Or, from the smug in their compledom, “Get over it. Stuff happens.”

You feel like a displaced person, a persona non grata by the two-by-two’s when invitations to fun nights and days are not emailed to Charlene AND Gary. It takes time to sleep without the familiar body beside you and time for memories to be extinguished. So what do you do? A bit of man poaching? Secondhand books and recycle clothes are one thing but the partner of a friend is a no-no. To add insult to agony, you hear he’s taken up with a short-arsed, fat frump with the brain of a gnat (your unbiased description.)

You are beautiful, talented, and smart. He’s an idiot not to appreciate the treasure he’s lost - but a discerning someone will. Believe me, one day  your prince will come. Just you wait. Like the cosmetic ad says, “Why? Because you’re worth it.”  Think on that.


Show Time Review

The heavily backed musical “Open for Business” was expected to enjoy a long run but after six months is in trouble. The star’s performance lacks lustre; particularly after his debut role in “Lycra”. The hit song ‘Stop This Stop That’ has been deleted. Minor roles, with the exception of a popular actor who was pipped at the post for the lead role, are mediocre. Only female lead gives a slow, careful and methodical performance where a little exuberance wouldn’t go astray. The chorus appear to struggle with the same song sheet.  Financial interests daily spruik the show’s superb performance whilst audiences have been heard to boo and critics are critical.

Not a long run with present cast is expected. 

My defence of the novel “Love in the Time of Cholera” was posted 27 February 2013. The blog was in response to a senior literature teacher at a Melbourne public school claiming the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) showed gross insensitivity in choosing for 2013 VCE students a novel he described as ‘a bit of a perve.’  No intention of repeating my defence and describing his argument as ‘garbage’.

I hope this literature teacher has read only three of many many tributes to this author, including Barak Obama: Peter Carey “the greatest writer of our time,”  Ian Mcwan put the author “in the same class as Dickens”, Salmon Rushie “no writer … so widely read, and so deeply loved.”

Can’t resist adding, the author died 17th April 2014 - my 80th birthday.

R.I.P.   Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

             Nobel Prize for Literature 1982





Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Australia Fair ?

Below are additional measures to solve the triple A-rated nation’s debt crisis.

Raising the age pension eligibility to 70 years will result in huge government savings. Since hard yakka (or “heavy lifting”) will be difficult if not impossible after 65 years, many still ineligible for a pension will starve to death.

A Final Solution should cut-in at 80 years with Healthcare cards withdrawn denying access to bulk-billing medical/dental centres, and concession pharmaceuticals.  Many more of the nearly dead knocked off.

All government subsidised housing and nursing homes to be sold to private for-profit investors.

The aged are a problem: unproductive, a nuisance and unsustainable government expense. As a patriotic Australian I believe those who rely on Government handouts should be prepared to die for their country.

Granules  (1934 -    )